Roberts Creek Legion - Update as of July 2021

We're pleased to announce our Grande Re-Opening July 1 2021! We`re ready for a summer filled with good times and outdoor jams. Wondering how you can help to support your local little Legion in the meantime? Here’s a few ways:

1. Renew your membership! Renew Here!

2. Refer a friend! Refer family and friends to our Legion for a chance to win! New members can join our Branch online before April 30 using the promo code REFER for a chance to win $500 Canada Post Visa gift cards for both the new and current member. Click here:

3. Drop off your refundable recycling! Support both your local Scouts and Branch 219 by dropping off your clean refundable recycling at our new recycling station. Feel good about all those empty cans!

4. Volunteer your time! We have some openings on our executive team. If you're interested in volunteering, please get in touch! Send us an email at

5. Reserve your seats!
For the foreseeable future we will be under one set of covid regulations or another, if you want to make sure you can attend our Fri and Sat shows we strongly advise you to reserve your seats. You can do so on our events booking site:

News From Your Friendly Little Legion

The latest news and updates from Legion #219.

Online events registrations:

Online events registrations: Don`t miss out - reserve your seats today Shows on the indoor stage starting Sept 17 Shows on the outdoor stage Fri-Sat 4-9pm all summer *Maudies Famous BBQ running every outdoor show! **All outdoor shows are family friendlyRead more

About our July 1 Grande-Reopening

We are reopening our outdoor drink service on Thursday July 1! Although this is a thrilling announcement, it is important to let everyone know that this will not be “Canada Day as usual." The day will be a dedication to the children who died – as well as those that survived – the residential school system, and will have 2 focus points. 1. The day is envisioned as a day of education - with both a chance to discuss and understand our colonial past - including the genocide of our indigenous peoples. 2. The day is also envisioned as a...Read more

Interested in joining the team?

We're on the lookout for new volunteers for our Executive Committee. If you are interested in joining this fun team, send us an email to .Read more

New recycling centre for refundables!

Support both your local Scouts and Branch 219 by dropping off your clean refundable recycling at our new recycling station. Feel good about all those empty cans!Read more

Legion 219 Facebook Group

If you're a Facebook user, join our FB group , a dynamic and interactive way to keep in touch with other members and what's happening at our branch.Read more

Donations Welcome

Help Keep The Little Legion Going

Roberts Creek Legion celebrated its Diamond Anniversary in August of 2017, having been open to the community for 70 years. It's hosted Remembrance Day ceremonies, live bands, fundraisers, DJ nights, trivia nights, music jams, memorials, birthdays and much more. Memories have been made at the Little Legion and we're hoping to continue making more, giving back to the community while fulfilling our proud role as a Royal Canadian Legion.

Volunteers and executives have been working hard, but we need YOUR help to make that happen.

What can I do? Glad you asked!

Here are some ways you can support your Legion:

  • VISIT! - With more events there's something for everyone!
  • JOIN! - Remember all those times you said to yourself "Oh yeah...... I keep meaning to join....". Visit our membership page to learn how easy it is.
  • RENEW! - Remember all those times...... well, see above. Renew in person at the branch or online.
  • VOLUNTEER! - We know that there are many of you who are more than willing to lend a hand. Our legion is run by volunteers. While our Executive take on a lot, they really can't do everything. We need each other. This is your club. We're looking for people who are not only willing to lend a hand but people who are willing to orchestrate. Visit our volunteer opportunities page to browse areas where volunteers are needed. Take the bull by its horns and lead and organize!! Contact us to let us know you're willing to help, and thank you!
  • DONATE! - The Legion now has a way for you to donate online. It's quick, it's easy, it's through a secure site: PayPal. If you wish to donate in person, please come down and see either of our bartenders, Gail or Mike, who will be happy to accept your generous offer.

Lastly, we invite you to use the contact form to offer YOUR help or ideas. Thank you!

GO TEAM 219!!!!

Roberts Creek Legion Branch 219